Thursday, July 5, 2007

Best shot of the day!

Sila beri komen foto ini.

......when i look at this picture i feel all the teacher in smk kamil always do some work together.this can teach pupils to cooperate each other.

......The teachers are in the hall doing some discussion about something.I wonder what are
they discuss about and what are the programs happen.
by Nur "Adilah bt. Almi (5 mh)

....teachers were having discussion about something at Dewan Bestari.
by Mohamd Ibad bin Ismail 2Uranus english teacher is Mr.Azwan

.....half of the teacher in hall not pay attention. some inconvenience happend in hall where we got some student was preparing the hall.every picture can explain anyting.

............Some of the teacher wass discuss about the test that the taken. However , many teacher not discuss about the test and just read and pay attention on the paper test. Also we can see one of the teacher do not do anything and just looking to the photographer."one picture thousand meant"

by mohd fazree b mohd nordin 6AS2

............ When I looked at this picture,I think the teacher were attended one programme in
dewan bestari. They were very cooperate with the activity.Not at all teachers paid
attention to the programme.

by Nor Aida Binti Mat Jusoh @ Ghazali (4MI)

................The picture showed that the teachers were gathered at the hall, maybe that was a program.Some of them were discussed obout the hand out given.However there were not
hundred percent teachers paid attention to the programs and does not doing anything.

by siti syahira bt mohamad zuki 4mi.

..........This picture about all teachears having short talk from principal of smk kamil.I wonder why some teachers not to the front of hall and most teacher more like sitting in back of hall.It will be imagine for student to do same thing when in formal ceremony.It is not good to show this attitude.
by siti aisyah b. zahari(4po)

.........This picture show the theacher was maybe having a little meeting with school principal.The teacher is looking busy with a few document on their table.The teacher also looking happy because the teacher smile.
by Mohamad Nazrin Bin Rahim(4po)

.................1. a few of SMK Kamil 's teachers did not give all their attension in this meeting . 2 . This meeting should be in the meeting room because it give a bad condition to teachers to give their attention and the result the meeting was failed 3. This meeting must held in the morning not in the evening because all of them are tirerd after teaching .

.........The picture is quite blur. I prefer the scholl use the Canon cyber-shot for taking picture.
by Mohamad Fahmi bin Ghazali, AJK 3 Ibnu Khaldun.

........1.The tables aren`t in an orderly manner2.Can`t tell whether it is a meeting or not3.The place looks quite bare
by Azliyana binti Mat LazinP. Ketua Tingkatan3 Ibnu Sina

.......The picture is good. I thing this picture can be better than it. It must be must take at the in front of the meeting.
by Mohamad Syahir Bin Yunus, 3 Ibnu Khaldun.

........the teachers are busy discuss about the program.they are looking interested about the
program.many teachers show their colaboration by attending the program at the hall
by che muhamad aliff faisal bin che mazlanmonitor of 5 MARS

........the teachers are attending for a meeting at the hall. they lend their ear to hear the briefing.they are very commited with what the meeting is about.
by asilah fatin binti mohamad sapawiassistant monitor of 5 marikh


Mohamad Nazrul Hafeez Bin Md Riffin said...

All teachers in the class are discussing about Rocket launching programme in SMK KAMIL in 27 Disember 2007.The base was established beside 5 Musytary conducted by PN Azlinda Anuar.Two Astronaut are Che Mohd Aliff Faisal b Che Mazlan and Mohd Irwan Bin Rospi.Two astronaut were promoted by En Ashaari Yacoob last two year.